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Healthy hearts depend upon healthy "heart-style" choices. A simple statement that is not always simple to implement. At the heart of the matter is a unique person with an individual lifestyle… a human being that may love some not-so good -for- you foods and is  at times confronted by  many food and herbal claims. That person is you (and me!).   I will  provide you with the scientific -based tools needed to help you make informed  choices for a healthy "heart-style".  " Heart style"  is being being in control -- eating with enjoyment -- without guilt or fear Your "heart style" will be uniquely your own!

Heart Style Hints  (coming soon!!)

Have you been overwhelmed with conflicting health  information and claims? . As cardio friends , we can ill-afford to make whimsical choices or follow unfounded claims and fad/quackery diets. On this page,I will discuss heart style  related nutrition issues,  web sites,  respond to and  share some questions and answers from real people. I only use credible scientific-based information,  and will provide references to my information sources and web site links. Visit this page regularly for updates!!

Heart Style News (coming soon!!)

 Written by cardio friends and for cardio friends! That is what makes the Heart Style Newsletter different. It contains all the information from our Heart Style Hints page and more! More questions and answers from real people, more current topic information ,web sites ,recipes and resturants tips. Suggestions and sharings are always welcome!! This is your newsletter.

Individualized Heart Style Programs

All heart style programs should ONLY be used with the approval of your physician and in conjunction with programs he /she has provided.

Your life is not preprinted. Why should your heart healthy eating program be? With the personal information that you provide, I will tailor and fine-tune a Heart Style program just for you. As your life changes, I will remain available to help you adjust your program.

To begin any of these programs, go to the Heart Style  Program Health and Medical Profile page and  read the information, disclaimer and fee schedule . Print and complete  the medical record and food history forms, sign and send to Holle Associates. I will analyze your current nutritional status/diet and provide a plan with informational tools tailored for your own optimal heart style.

With your approval and permission, we will partner with your health care provider and send him/her a copy of your program and progress.

Anticoagulant therapy  (following mechanical heart valve replacement and other conditions)

A mechanically mended heart means lifelong anticoagulant therapy. This requires increased  nutrition and food selection awareness to prevent complications. With Warfarin Sodium as part of our daily regimen, food and  herbal remedies selection becomes more significant . They may interact with the effectiveness of the anticoagulant. We are advised to keep our intake of vitamin K  consistant. This is easier said than done... especially if we do not know the foods that contain vitamin K and in what amounts .Green leafy vegetables are often mentioned as a foods that are high in Vitamin K. But did you know that broccoli, avacados, asparagus and soy oil are also significant  sources of vitimin K? Vitamin K is necessary for health and wellness. Therefore, we should not eliminate foods that contain this vitamin. We must increase our awareness. Ginko bilola, ginger,  , wine, vitamin E, tofu are only a few of other substances that can also effect our therapy.   The key is informed choices.Using the information that you provide, I can help you better understand how your personal food and herbal supplement choices affect your anticoagulant therapy.

Cardiovascular disease and cholesterol lowering programs

Coronary heart disease (CHD) is the number one killer of men and women in the USA. Elevated cholesterol levels continue to  place hearts at risk  Our bodies make cholesterol naturally. Some of the foods we eat increase not only our total cholesterol but also LDL or the"bad" cholesterol. Lifestyle and food choices play an important role in your fight against high cholesterol. It is a "fight" for many. It is not easy. I recognize the struggles , the temptations, and the confusing claims for remedies and quick fixes Many times, doing the "right thing" becomes an overwhelming task.We give up as self proclaimed failures!

You have not failed. Previous programs may have failed youUsing the information that you provide on the health and medical forms and food records  , I will  analize your current nutritional status/diet and provide a plan with information tools  tailored for your own optimum heart style. We will redefine "the right thing",include some of those favorite good for your-soul-foods and remove the guilt. The key is informed choices. The fact that you have chosen to make a change, automatically makes you a winner.

With your permission, I will partner with your healthcare provider and send him/her a copy of your program.

Pre and post cardiovascular surgery nutrition

Your thorasic surgeon will provide you with pre and post surgical guidelines and directions specific to your condition and surgical procedure.Prepare a list of questions for him/her prior to each visit . Do not be shy. Include questions that are of concern to your loved ones as well. They are in this too! Your physician wants to understand and respond to all your questions, A confident patient is a healthier patient. Remember,the only "dumb "question is the one unasked.
Good nutrition is an important part of successful surgery.By following a healthy eating plan, you are providing your surgical team with a patient in the best possible condition . Eating healthy before and following surgery, enables you to heal and recover quicker too. Healthy eating during cardiovascular surgery recovery and rehabilitation can be a challenge. Many of the medications interfer with taste and appetite. We tire easily and we hurt! I  developed a guideline that worked for me prior to and following my surgery.This plus  "other things I wish I had known" will be available soon.
Remember,your physician is the medical professional,the expert, your primary care giver, the leader of your heart team. I am your professional  nutrition support team member.Information provided here is meant to support and supplement his/her plan for you. Share this and any information with him/her before you implement it to assure that it is right for your condition

Seminars and workshops

I am available for cardiovascular  workshops and seminars. The format is informative, current, interactive, participative and fun. My story is your story too! Please call, email or write for details

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