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Dear Friend, 

In 1998 at age 55, I had my mitral valve replaced.  They implanted a Saint Jude Medical  mechanical valve.  As a result, oral  anticoagulants became my new life long partner. Every day, I take Warfarin Sodium manufactured by Barr.   Some of you may take Coumadin, manufactured by DuPont, which is also Warfarin Sodium. Warfarin Sodium helps  avoid blood clots which could "stick " to my valve. Vitamin K, found in some foods and manufactured by our bodies naturally, helps our blood clot to avoid extensive bleeding . Vitamin K is also necessary  for additional  wellness functions. Consuming a  consistent level of vitamin K  and some other nutrients provides health benefits and allows my health care provider to prescribe the correct  amount of Warfarin Sodium.

I enjoy food!! Some of my favorite foods are good for my health. These include foods that lower possible cancer risk, promote a healthy heart and support optimum wellness. Others favorite foods, admittedly , may not be the best  health choices. But they are just plain good for my soul! Suddenly, many of these foods and herbal supplements now interact with my anticoagulant therapy.

Hospitalization is not our most receptive time for learning. We are confronted with multiple medications, physical and respiratory therapy, fatigue, pain, loss of appetite and stress. We are put on a structured fast track to healing. I experienced this when I was a patient.  I, also, facilitated it when I was on staff at the Heart Hospital of New Mexico. While we are in the hospital , we are given guidelines to help us after we leave the hospital...an owners manual for a new car that we have not yet driven. We may not be ready to learn. There are too many distractions and too much to remember. Our personal learning process does not realistically occur until we are in the comfort of our home environment/routine.

I am a health care professional who discovered very personal real world questions. Guidelines address conditions in general terms. I am comfortable when I have all the facts necessary to make informed decisions. Specific information needed to design a realistic program  for me  became very important.   I researched credible information to develop a healthy fun  plan that  works for me , my cardiologist…and still keeps my soul happy!

 A special person in my life had a relatively high cholesterol level and a unique career lifestyle with  individualized food preferences. Minor adjustments have lowered his total cholesterol, increased his HDL level and kept his happy soul intact too.

As a licensed/registered dietitian and lifestyle counselor, I can help you design a healthy heart program with choices that fit your very own lifestyle.  As a cardio friend,  I can understand your questions, concerns and your personal story. Please call , email or visit my Cardiovascular Wellness page. Together, let's get to  the heart of the matter!

Sincere best wishes,
Judith R Holle
CEO, Holle Associates

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