Holle Associates Company Profile

Holle Associates is a consulting firm specializing in 1) institutional food and nutrition services management and 2) cardiovascular nutritional health programs. The firm uses its 30 years of institutional management and  health promotion experience with current up to date information to provide our clients with proven approaches that work.

Institutional Food and Nutrition Services

   --  Efficient, cost effective, facility-specific operational designs for today's changing health care world
   --  Reality based  JCAHO, OSHA, HACCP, USDA approaches
   --  Assessments of institutional operations with written do-able recommendations for improvement
   --  Training and support programs trailored to client needs
   --  Project management and project manpower support
   --  Management and clinical staff relief coverage

Cardiovascular Health and Wellness Nutrition Programs

    -- Personalized lifestyle and nutrition plans which address
               --  lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease and  cardiovascular disease rehabilitaion programs
               --  anticoagulant therapy ( in particular but not limited to mechancial heart valve replacements)
    -- Scientifically proven information and protocols of the cardiovascular benefits of foods and herbs and their interaction with certain medications
    -- Pre and post cardiovascular surgery nutrition plans and insights
    -- Workshops and Seminars with CE credits

PROVEN EXCELLENCE in Food Service Support and Cardiovascular Wellness Programs for their Clients
PO Box 1611, Corrales,  NM 87048

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Last updated on: June 9, 2000